Welcome to Hartlebury Primary School uniform shop supplied by FM Branding. Orders are currently taking around 10-15 working days to complete from start to finish.
If you need any help please contact FM Branding on 01384 878333.

We carry stock on the main selling items but coats/jackets are manufactured to order.

Option for FREE Monthly Deliveries to School take place the last working day of every month.
Please ensure you allow the 10-15 working day manufacturing time if you do order towards the end of the month.

Last orders for delivery into school prior to the summer holiday will need to be placed by Friday 5th July.  (Delivery into school will be Wednesday 17th July).
Any orders after the 5th July will need to be delivered via our postal options or collection from our store in Kinver.
Delivereies will then recommence on a Monthly basis back in September when the school re-opens.


For school collection only.


We offer five star support for our products free with every purchase.


Every transaction is secured to the highest standards, we guarantee it.